Multiple USB cable CuboQ – elegant solution for charging cables

USB cable multiple CuboQ is an accessory that I think any owner of a smartphone or tablet you should have the urge, and that because it’s a hub multifunctional which includes no less than four types of connectors so that we can interconnect almost any kind of gadgets.

You can see in the image below as the USB cable multiple CuboQ has available a connector Lightning connector terminals 30-pin and a microUSB connector, so through or you can connect to a computer, or interconnect, a variety of terminals Apple phones and beyond.

Given the size slightly larger than a USB stick, USB cable multiple CuboQ eliminates the need to carry after you three types of different cables, all integrated into a case very small and very elegant, it occupies little space wherever you want to keep it, and the benefits are easy to see.

Multiple USB cable CuboQ bring some order into the clutter smartphone or tablet

Basically, USB cable multiple CuboQ can replace cable standard Lightning for on Data transfer and eventually loading, but also on the 30-pin, and if you have a terminal Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, then you will be able to connect smoothly on your computer.


USB cable multiple CuboQ is a Swiss knife of cables for mobile devices and tablets, it is thought especially for those who are tired of clutter and space occupied elsewhere cables to inoada between them, the solution offered by it is much simpler and more elegant, so it should not be ignored.

Accest multifunction USB cable is very practical, convenient and efficient way to transfer data between your computer and your phone or upload your mobile phone.

CuboQ multiple USB cable can be purchased at the moment of this page to a reduction of 45% compared to standard sale price.

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Problem guide for Evasi0n Cydia iOS 9.3.3

The problems for Evasi0n 7, which has been released in December, have been piling up for those users who downloaded it immediately after its release, even while being caught by surprise by the quick and unannounced release.


In this article we are going to try solving a few of these problems.

Infinite reboot loop

The cause of this problem is usually MobileSubstrate, which was not compatible with the first version of evasi0n 7, but which is now updated and identified under the name Cydia Substrate. If you’re not able to boot up your device, you will have to go into DFU mode and restore. If you are able to boot, then go into Cydia and remove tweaks that are based on MobileSubstrate.

After you go through these steps, install the jailbreak again. For an iPad AIr 2 you should use version 1.0.2, or otherwise download version 1.0.1. This will stop the endless reboot loop. After that you can reinstall your tweaks and they should function properly.

Jailbreak crashes

If your process of jailbreaking itself crashes (using evasi0n 7, the process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes) – then what evad3rs recommends is shutting down your PC, restart it, rebooting your device and start the jailbreaking again.

Apple Logo crash

A very common problem for the users who downloaded the jailbreak, it is regularly generated by the fact that you upgraded the iOS firmware using the OTA method, which is something incompatible with the jailbreak itself. An excuse for this is the quick release of the jailbreak, but the problem still is and still needs to be fixed:

Utilize a hard reset by holding your HOME and POWER buttons down for approximately 10 seconds and then execute the jailbreak again;

If this doesn’t help, then you must connect your device to your PC (in DFU), and then hold down the POWER and HOME buttons for approximately 10 seconds, then release the POWER and continue holding HOME until iTunes will report a Device in Recovery. Using a back-up made before the jailbreak, restore your device.

If none of the first two steps work, then your hope is the two updates that evad3rs have released for Evasi0n 7 – v1.0.1 which remove Taig from the jailbreak and, in the case of iPad Air 2, v.1.0.2. By installing one of these you might fix the problem, otherwise just restore and try a new update, whenever evad3rs release one.

Activation Lock crash

During the jailbreak you might be asked about your Apple ID. This is an attempt by Apple to prevent theft. You can only solve this by providing the password, if you know it (if the device was bought by you), or you can ask the previous owner what the password is using a secondary phone.

Evasi0n doesn’t open on your Mac

GateKeeper on OS X 10.11.1 or higher will usually generate this problem. To solve it, , right click on the desktop app for Evasi0n, choose Open and then Open again in the next box, and then the problem should be solved. Otherwise, right clicking and selecting again is a good idea.

Configuring system crash

This is an issue that commonly appears during the jailbreaking process. It has been reported by evad3rs that slow machines tend to have this issue more frequently. They have also recommended repeating the procedure on another computer, to see if that solves it.

Other helpful tips:

For Windows users who can’t open the Evasi0n application, you should always right click and choose Run As Administrator;

It is not recommended to run processes that will execute iTunes while the jailbreaking process itself is being ran;

Make sure you disable your passcode lock before you begin;

For security reasons, ALWAYS back up your device before you execute the jailbreak to make sure your files and information will not be lost in the process;

A clean restore using iTunes is recommended before you jailbreak if you have upgraded your firmware using the OTA method;

You need to be patient and careful when you are using jailbreak tweaks and apps on a new A7 64-bit chip device, or else you might run into problems. The developers are constantly updating jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 apps and tweaks to support iOS 9.3.3 and the newer devices.

Best Control Center Customization CCControls iOS9 Cydia Tweak

We covered Ryans FlipControlCenter a Control Center customization tweak which allows you to add more toggles. That has been a great tweak with ideal customization choices: enable or disable toggles and restrain exactly how many toggles are observable in a page.

 CCControls is the strongest Control Center tweak to date as toggles are worried. Theres lots of stuff it is possible to customize with CCControls. The truth that its free and works flawlessly to the iPhones makes it a damn good tweak to install immediately.

As most of us understand, Control Center on iOS 7 is among the coolest add-ons to the iOS ecosystem. Ios’s not without limits though attributes that Apple either doesnt venture out to add for assorted motives. But with jailbreak community working its way up on the basis of the prevailing layers, its only an issue of time before these limits are broken.

Among the constraints is the toggles you’ve got to the Control Center. Tweaks like SBSettings and NCSettings let there is lots of settings toggles in the Notification Center. Apple kind of replicated these tweaks into its Control Center. With limits, needless to say.

CCControls brings a whole group of customization tools to allow you to tweak the toggles, their look as well as the way it works.

Heres Some of the options that come with CCControls Cydia Tweak:

Flipswitch integration: brings you nearly all the settings toggles youll ever want right from 3G, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wifi, DND, Torch, Hotspot, Place, Respring and much more.

Lock Display Limitations: you can get the Control Center pop open on the lockscreen but prevent specific toggles like Settings, Wifi, Bluetooth etc. from being obtained/enabled/disabled.

Subjects: CCControls comes packaged using various button topics. Screenshots here show the amazing icons.

The tweak has been fully thought out by the appearances of it. In case it requires wings, more programmers/designers ought to be adding custom icon themes for the tweak.

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources/Repos 2015

2015 brings you the best Cydia sources

If you are an iDevice user, but you have decided to boost up your iOS by jailbreak, here are some guidelines for you to find the best apps and tweaks in your quest to unlock the capabilities of your iDevice.

The best way to find every tweak or app to configure your jailbroken iDevice is by using Cydia Store. Cydia is the Apple Store version for jailbroken iDevices where you can find repositories, sources, apps or tweaks.
Start by creating a repository to be able to configure your iDevice. Be sure to check on multiple sources that the repository, source, tweak or app is reliable before download and install, you would not want to damage your iDevice for good.

To help you, here is a list of the best Cydia repos available (in our humble opinion), but please note that adding all repositories to your list, may result in slow performance.

SiNful iPhone 
This is a repo for iPad, iPhone and iTouch. It hosts a great variety of free and paid apps, tweaks, ringtones, games, mods, wallpapers and much more. It also provides support and forums.
This repo gained popularity by sharing for free apps from Apple store. Unfortunately the site is down for some time, but this does not mean all is lost. One alternative that seems to gain more and more popularity is Kuaiyong. This China community allows iOS users to install free and cracked apps with no jailbreaking requirement.

If you are a gamer, do not hesitate to pay a visit. And you should, since it provides free ROM packs and emulators for some of the most popular games of the ’80s and ‘90s, such as Nintendo64, NES, or even the popular Game Boy, to name just a few. It also provides a free forum, so you can exchange information with other sSellize users.

If you like to customise your ringtones, play games or if it helps you to save your work to have it at the palm of your hand on your iDevice, this is the app for you.

This repository mainly focuses on customising the appearance. It hosts themes, ringtones, and wallpapers. It is one of the best Cydia repo for this type of apps.

This repo offers a bit of everything. ROMs game collection, a great variety of apps and many, many cool things, because mainly it is a cocktail of SiNfuLiPhone and xSellize, so do not be surprised when you will find the apps on the other two sources here as well.

The apps available on the repo help you customize your logo, icons or change the background, icons and much more. Just try it.

This repo is so awesome would make even Steve Jobs jealous. Here you can find mods, apps, tweaks, games and other cool stuff for your iDevice. No surprise it is constantly considered as one of the best Cydia repos.

Here you can find apps to help you customize your iDevice as you wish. You can customize your springboard, save iPhone battery, or install apps that allow you to add as many apps on your iDevice as you can, not to mention games or ringtones.

If your work is so important that you do not have the time to transfer your files from one device to another, there are easier ways to have everything readily available.
On the other hand, maybe, you just do not like to synchronize manually your iDevice to Wi-Fi every time you need to browse the web, this repo hosts a variety of apps that will make you save precious time for things that really count.

Unlocking iPhone 6

It is well known that Apple denies their customers the pleasure of unlocking their devices, in order not to expose their vulnerabilities or simply because they will want to reveal new features later on, in the process of development

Same rule applies to the iPhone 6, which, once unlocked, will give the owner the possibility of personalizing and customizing it and will allow downloading music, videos, images and some new software for free. It is also proven that the phone will benefit of some functionality improvements due to the unlocking procedure.

Considering the fact that not every iPhone 6 user is familiar with existing computer geek methods, in this post, we will try to provide guidance of the unlocking procedure.

Using to unlock iPhone 6

Being a company that has a good reputation within Google team we recommend them as one of the top choices for unlocking any iPhone. also certifies their skills and this should be enough to convince you that unlocking your iPhone will make your life a whole lot easier. If we`ve already got you don`t hesitate, follow the link and get the job done.

What can I do with my iPhone, once unlocked?

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of an unlocked device. You should take advantage of its unexplored potential and the first step in order to do so is to jailbreak the phone. That will make you even more proud of what you`ve done to your phone. Jailbreak iPhone with iOS 8 is the next step to follow in the process. Further on you should consider what Cydia appstore has to offer for iDevices. Cydia Apps ready for iOS 8 jailbreak  is the link where all your wishes can come true.

Professional stylus and Windows 8 on VivoTab Note 8 from Asus

Earlier today I had the chance to take a look at Asus’s VivoTab Note 8, a brand new 8-inch tablet which has Windows 8.1 up and running. What’s fancy about this new tablet it’s the stylus which is useful and it comes on handy due to its designed space for storage located within the downside of the tablet. This facility comes with an extra price of 299$.

I would go on and say that this one could be your best choice in case you want to buy a tablet that comes with an effective stylus, especially because you can operate the cursor on the top of the screen so you don’t have to use the whole display. I got the chance to manually check the sensivity of the display while trying some apps that were running on Windows 8.1.  To me, it proved to work just fine.
What makes it controversial yet interesting is that Asus has followed Dell’s example and switched the Windows buttons from the front to the side of the tablet. Anyway, the company invites users to enjoy already installed navigations and gestures that were specially built for them.What’s left now on the front of the tablet is only the Asus logo.
It’s slim, it’s handy, it’s mini. The Wacom stylus can ease your work a lot while you can put in apps like Photoshop or Illustrator thanks to VivoTab Note 8’s genuine Windows 8 operating system.  It’s different in shape and size from Dell’s Venue 8 Pro or from Lenovo’s ThinkPad 8 which is higher in display’s resolution but it’s still the right choice if you need a Windows tablet and the pen.

Which are the best security apps for Android

Recently, the independent lab test AV-Test, performed a test to determine what the best security apps are for Android. If you are on the look for a good security app don’t be afraid to check out the list provided by AV-TEST: over 30 apps were in the testing and many of them scored good grades.
The lab tested the security software for basic protection and also for usability. On the web-page of AV-TEST you can see the full list of the tested apps with a column for each of the tested category: basic protection and usability. The top score for each category was designated by six white squares. If you select any app from the list you can see more information on how the app performed during the test and what criteria did AV-TEST used.

At the end of the test the following apps scored 6 out of 6 in both categories: Avira’s Free Android Security 3.0, G Data’s Internet Security 25.0, Kingsoft’s Mobile Security 3.3, KSMobile’s Clean Master 4.0, Bitdefender’s Mobile Security 2.6, KSMobile’s CM Security 1.0, McAfee’s Mobile Security 3.1, Qihoo’s 360 Mobile Security 1.5, Trend Micro’s Mobile Security 3.5 and Trust Go’s Mobile Security 1.3.
As always with security software for Android, the following question arises: Is there a need for security apps for your device? And also, as always, the security vendors say yes, but Google and other operating system developers say no, regarding the claim of the vendors as a mean to increase their own profit.